No. 6


By : marcobarotti

Entrant’s location : Germany


What did you create?

In nature, clams are detectors of pollutants; they serve as tiny filtration systems. Inspired by this natural phenomenon, I created Clams, a kinetic sound installation triggered by water quality. The Clams sculptures are made from recycled industrial plastic waste.

Why did you make it?

The art work intends to raise awareness about water and plastic pollution.

How did you make it?

Real-time data is streamed by a sensor and converted into an audio signal. The audio signal generates a live evolving soundscape which initiates the opening and closing movements of the Clam sculptures. Sound and motion unite to create an experience that allows the audience to see and hear the water quality in real-time.

Your entry’s specification

Each clam is 15 cm and it weighs 350 grams I produced 160 clams, they are modular, they can be exhibited from a number of 8 to 160 pieces at the same time.