No. 11


By : 哲弥 野々村

Entrant’s location : 日本


同作品は、従来の詰め込み型教育から探求型アクティブラーニングのあり方を模索する試みとして制作されました。「遊びは学びの原点」がキーワード。 リアルとデジタルの認識をクロスオーバーさせる一連の宇宙VR体験を通して、参加者へ”主体的に発案し学びたくなる物語”を提供します。 【制作年】 2019年10月19日〜10月27日(OKTOBERFEST -100BANCH秋の芸術祭-にて実施) 【企画制作】 株式会社ロジリシティ 合同会社Yspace(ワイスペース)

What did you create?

"Entertainment that turns unknown experiences into courage and learning" We have created an attraction that allows you to experience a bungee jump in VR and designed as a hands-on content for science education. VR bungee jump uses Health equipment to invert the body. Participants lie on an inclined table and fix only their ankles as a safety. Inverted by the conscious movement of the center of gravity. By wearing VR goggles, participants can get a feel similar to a real bungee jump. This experience was also an immersive play. Participants will be presented with an epilogue that seamlessly connects the setting and the real world after performing bungee jumps on the VR moon under the setting of the “astronaut certification exam” and learning a lot of scientific knowledge. You are presented with the question of imagining the universe like playing in a park. This gives participants the idea of ​​an excitment of universe. The hint of realization of your idea is also conveyed. This work is the design of this series of learning experiences.

Why did you make it?

We believe that all unknown experiences are “learning”. In particular, the unknown experience of continuous input and output is “deep learning”, and the state of being able to do it spontaneously while enjoying it is the same as “Enthusiasm for play”. Therefore, in recent years, we have urgently required young people to move away from science, and we have found that it is important for young people to “become involved in science like playing” and created an experience that will trigger them. The reason why we chose for space is that interest in space can be approached from various scientific fields. In addition, the bungee jump experience is the most suitable way to stimulate spontaneous learning because it requires active decision making and action among many attractions. The reason why the story was intended to give the participants a sense of excitement to the universe after the attraction was presented as an immersive play in order to allow participants to personalize their interest in the universe.

How did you make it?

This work is mainly composed of "experience device", "VR program" and "experience design". After various prototyping, the experience device hacked how to use existing health equipment, and realized that the body was inverted by the conscious center of gravity movement of the experienced person himself. Bungee Jump's VR program is created by UNITY. VR bungee jumps on the earth and the moon was each calculation used actual gravitational acceleration. Also, when experiencing VR bungee jumping on the earth, using an electric fan to make participants to feel wind like the atmosphere of the earth, and when moving on to the moon, stop the electric fan and make participants to feel like a vacuum. As an experience design, the person in charge of a community manager who has cast experience in the amusement park. As an astronaut instructor, the participants were excited using the communication skills and cultivated to engage the participants to experience in learning.

Your entry’s specification

Reverse hanging health device (width 71cm, depth 147cm, height 155cm), cushion (width 60cm, depth 30cm, height 10cm), HTC VIVE PRO (VR goggles), partition (width 3m, depth 3m), agricultural multi-seat 50m, aluminum foil 15m