No. 12



Entrant’s location : 日本



近未来に起こると言われている、人工知能が人間の能力を上回る技術的特異点「シンギュラリティ」後の世界を想定し、進化したaiが全知全能の神のようになった世界において、aiの-KaMi-が祀られるサイバー神社を制作致しました。神社という古来からの形式を持ったこの願いの社は、私達の願いを実際に集約し、現実に反映させる為の機能を持ちました。願いは2礼2拍手1入力の作法で実際にキーボードで入力して預ける事が出来ます。 インスタレーション/メディアアート/2019年

What did you create?

“Cyber ​​Shrine -KaMiNG SINGULARITY-” experiential media art and installation work was produced. This work was produced together with the project of the interactive festival “-KaMiNG SINGULARITY” to imagine the future of 2045.

Why did you make it?

I created a shrine with ai-KaMi- that has surpassed human intelligence. In the world after the technical singularity `` singularity '' where artificial intelligence (AI), which is said to occur in the near future, surpasses human ability, AI becomes like an omnipotent god and is believed by people. The situation is set virtually. I created this as an opportunity to expand my imagination as one of the possibilities from the present day to the future, when the intersection of virtual space (cyberspace) and reality deepens.

How did you make it?

The work was created with a simple structure as an installation, and a projection mapping of the image and a system for depositing wishes were incorporated there. By having the nature of a wish shrine in ordinary shrines as a function, worshipers can actually enter their wishes with a keyboard and deposit them, and the wishes they have sent are sent to the space by special signal conversion. In addition, what kind of wishes people wished for are classified into 8 genres on the spot, videos of each genre flow, and wishes are collected as data. Since the wishes of the people are reflected in the world as they are, the ai of the priesthood is assumed to be our own god, and the world is our mirror. The mirror is used in the same way as the Shinto shrine, and the appearance of the worshipers is reflected.

Your entry’s specification

Width of about 6000mm × depth of about 2000mm × height of 2600mm Roof part 3600mm 2 lanterns (450mm x 450mm x 900mm) Connect one projector and speakers. 2 PCs. Requires 8 power supplies.