No. 17

The message of the 'pop: warm and fuzzy

By : Delara .R

Entrant’s location : United States


What did you create?

This architectural research project is a study of materiality, culture and fabrication. Through a series of drawings and exercises, this project was derived from objects that were personal to me because they were handmade objects from Iran , my home country. By studying these objects and redrawing and remaking them abstractly , the project brought up questions about material authenticity, programmatic potential of layering, patching and parts.

Why did you make it?

The motivation was to see if objects can imply architectural possibilities and to experiment with process driven architecture project, which is by asking questions during the sequence of drawing and making.

How did you make it?

The studies were done in digital drawing format and 3d prints of woven material as well as handwoven strings.

Your entry’s specification

The proposed project is a network system of prefabricated tent structures.