No. 30

Qux Analog Synthesizer Kit

By : qux

Entrant’s location : 日本



2018年から制作を続けている、最小55mm角の小さくてかわいいアナログモジュラーシンセサイザーキットです。 秋葉原で部品を揃え、自分ではんだ付けすることによって簡単にアナログシンセサイザーを作ることができます。役割の異なる様々な回路を組み合わせていくことで、自分だけの音を作ることができます。電源はマイクロUSB, 接続ケーブルは一般的な3.5mmオーディオケーブルを使っています。特別な音響機材等は必要なく、スマートフォンについているイヤホンなどでも音を聞くことができます。 シンセサイザーモジュールの種類は - 矩形波オシレーター - 三角波オシレーター - 電圧制御発振器(VCO) - 電圧制御増幅器(VCA) - 電圧制御フィルター(VCF) - アナログディレイ - センドリターン - キーボード - CV Emitter があります。これらはすべてアナログ回路でできていますが、アナログ回路だけではなくさまざまなデジタル回路も試してみたい人のためにArduino用シールドもあります。 誰もが気軽にものづくりをする、そんな社会を目指してこのキットは作られています。電子工作をしたことがない人でも安心して作れるよう、半田付けの仕方や部品の買い方など、必要な情報はすべて私たちのウェブサイトに掲載されています。 なお、我々のQuxというのは[キュー]と読みます。

What did you create?

Engaging more people into the exciting experience of analog fabrication is the main focus of our project. Our analog synthesizer kits are one of the ways how we achieve this goal. Making an analog circuit is difficult. Sometimes it goes without any troubles, but in many cases, especially for beginners, it does not. People often get injured while soldering, or capacitors explode. When it works, however, there is an indescribable joy of success which only creators can deserve. This process and experience are what we have created through designing analog synthesizer kits. Since each circuit has different difficulty, beginners can grow their understanding of analog circuits, both theoretically and practically, step by step. Besides, we have designed the chassis and mount frame for the synthesizers. They are uploaded on the Internet and everyone can use it with a 3D printer and a razor cutter. We designed our products to be hacked as well. The simplified design and the clear instruction of the circuit encourage people to hack their circuit, so that they will be engrossed with fabrication.

Why did you make it?

The world has become a black box as our everyday life depends more deeply on technology, which it is now almost impossible to grasp the whole mechanism of. Our kits are made to retrieve the sense of unity with technology. When the development of technology was not as fast as it is now, everyone could understand and take it into their lives. As technology has advanced drastically and become as complicated as only professionals can understand it, however, the gap between technology and people became wider, and they have been alienated from technology. Hence, they have started giving up understanding it and living their lives passively. Nowadays, their lives are dominated by technology rather than controlled by themselves. In such a world, making technical things with their own hands is remarkably important because it helps them realize that technology is handleable, and our synthesizer kits are designed to become for the first step to retrieve that sense. They are fun, easy to build, and hackable. Listening to the powerful sound from the self-build gadgets is exciting, and people can find not only controllability but also a positive relationship with technology by making, playing, and hacking circuits.

How did you make it?

We have made all the products from scratch. As general usual makers do, we begin with prototyping of the circuit on a breadboard, then draw schematics on the open-source electronic design software, and finally order manufacturing to the factory in China. Using the least number of parts and placing them beautifully are our top priority because we are sure that it maximizes the user's experience while and after building the circuit. Besides, we make it a rule to select parts that are purchasable at electronic parts stores in Akihabara, the biggest electric town in Japan. After checking the prototype, we make an instruction, which contains description, parts list, schematics, and some hacking ideas. These contents are included in the package of the circuit as a paper instruction as well as documented on our website. Other basic instructions, such as how to solder, are described on our webpage as well so that beginners can learn how to build an electronic circuit. We design everything in order to make users thrilled by building the electronic circuit and its achievement.

Your entry’s specification

Material: PCB glass composite two-layer substrate Dimensions: Minimum 55.88mm, square, maximum 76.2mm x 55.88mm Weight: about 50-100g Power supply: 5V (supplied from microUSB cable or pin header, can be supplied with a power plug for smartphones) Use 3.5mm audio cable to connect between boards The 3D data of the frame for insulation and the design drawing of the fixing plate can be downloaded from the website.