No. 32


By : Michiko Wakimizu

Entrant’s location : 日本




What did you create?

It is these virtues of hide-and-seek that Project KAQREMON seeks to capitalize and expand on. KAQREMON is based on the simple, physical and exciting game of hide-and-seek and deepens the learning experience of "perspective-taking" with technology. We also aimed to create more opportunities to learn about the variety of ways the world is perceived and thought about. KAQREMON (a portmanteau of kakurenbo, the Japanese word for hide-and-seek, and monster) live in smartphones and partners with players of hide-and-seek. The KAQREMON hide-and-seek monsters are modeled after animals, bugs, fish and even human babies, with various motifs and characteristics. The fickle monster/partners can also be a nuisance and undermine the hider's efforts by crying out all of a sudden or share scenery it sees to the "it" player. The "it" player in turn can use the sounds and scenery the KAQREMON hear and see to deduce where the hiders are hiding.

Why did you make it?

Hide-and-seek is the simple game of a selected "it" player searching for their friends who are hiding nearby. Kids from around the world play the game thanks to easy rules and the thrill of both hiding from and hunting for their friends. And for a child, it could also be one of the first things that introduces the process of thinking from another person's point of view, otherwise known as perspective-taking. By introducing the KAQREMON partners in a game of hide-and-seek, the monsters' unique characteristics and personas can create opportunities for players to learn more about points-of-view and imagine how other people think. We hope that this allows for players to realize the enjoyment of learning about others through play and imagination.

How did you make it?

Participating in a workshop in Satoyama called Hakusan Pass in Ishikawa Prefecture, the idea of ​​“hide hide” was born while reconfirming the charm of traditional play. From there, members such as a two-year-old daughter, a concept planner, a designer, and an engineer who began playing hide-and-seek with a wife who is a family and target user gathered, repeated prototype tests, not only educational functions but also myself We have created a play that makes us truly enjoyable.

Your entry’s specification

Smartphone App made with Unity