No. 35


By : 聡夫 重兼

Entrant’s location : 日本




What did you create?

What I have created is an experience called ‘Takaburu Shodo’. There are two ways when it comes to writing the letters of the Japanese alphabets. One is penmanship,for example educationally learning how to write the letters beautifully and correctly. The other is calligraphy, the art of letter writing, which is like a performance of a dance with a large brush. My experience is created by fusing the two styles. My aim for this experience is that it will help you to write beautiful letters while you and the audience enjoy simultaneously. In order to realize this experience, ‘Takaburu Shodo’ uses a HoloLens to project virtual letters on a real space. Then,anyone can write beautiful letters like just by tracing it over the projected letters. Also, when the brush touches the paper, sound and light come out, so you can write letters as if you were playing a musical instrument. Both you and the audience will be immersed in the world of “Takaburu Shodo”.

Why did you make it?

As technology has evolved, writing has declined significantly. When I was given a piece of paper and a pen, I was irritated that I couldn't use the usual preditive text that I am used to on a screen. Instead, I saw shabby letters written by my hand, almost as though I had forgotten how to write. This made me reconsider whether it was so painful to write letters. In retrospect, however, when I was able to write for the first time with my parents, I had the ability to write my name better than usual, and when a friend wrote a pleasant letter to me, I felt a lot of emotions about writing. These things made me think that writing can be a great experience. So, by fusing the latest technology and calligraphy as an art, I thought I would like to reverse the bad emotions that most people feel when writing by hand in today’s modern society. By doing so, I can change your feelings of irritation to excitement, shabby to beautiful, or painful to fun. I created this writing experience as entertainment called ‘Takaburu Shodo” where everyone can feel the exhilaration.

How did you make it?

In this experience, a HoloLens was used to realize the function of tracing letters on to a virtual model and writing beautiful letters so that both the user, and the audience could have fun. If VR is used, the written letters and examples is are both virtual, so it is difficult for the audience to enjoy the experience. On the other hand, in the case of a HoloLens, the model is virtual, but the written letters appear in the real world. Because of this, the audience can experience 'Takaburu Shodo' while being thrilled by the letters the user will write. In addition, in order to realize the fun function of writing, I used a capacitance sensor to detect the contact between paper and brush, and created a brush that produces sound and light. The advantage of capacitive sensors is that, unlike pressure sensors, any user's pen pressure can quickly produce sound and light in conjunction with movements. As a result, while experiencing the latest technology HoloLens, I have achieved a fun calligraphy experience with sound and light.

Your entry’s specification

[Contents of experience] ”HoloLens” and ”Brush with sound and light” [Brush] Length:25cm Weight:100g [System (PC, board)] Size:15cm x 15cm x 15cm Weight:800g [Wall to be written]    area:200cm x 200cm [ホロレンズ] Size:20cm x 25cm x 10cm Weight:579g