No. 38

Food Around Us : edible wild plants

By : Luinambi Vesiano

Entrant’s location : Yogyakarta, Indonesia



Food Around Us adalah buku instruksional mengenai 9 jenis tumbuhan pangan liar yang sering dijumpai di Indonesia. Buku ini berisi panduan untuk mengidentifikasi hingga mengolah tumbuhan pangan liar menjadi resep masakan.

What did you create?

A book about wild food plants in Indonesia.

Why did you make it?

The book "Food Around Us: Wild Food Plants" is the beginning of an effort to archive wild food plants in Indonesia through artistic channels. This book is trying to be a lifestyle lighter consuming wild food. An edible wild plant is a wild plant that is not cultivated yet still has the purity of its type and can be consumed by one or more parts, harvested at a certain age of growth that is prepared properly. Wild food plants are considered to be more nutritious compared to plants that have been domesticated, because they try to survive from pests and diseases without help from humans, so they are said to have high adaptability in their environment. "Eat wild foods when you can" (Pollan, 2009).

How did you make it?

This book has been compiled by processing data obtained from various sources, especially the internet, it is important to note that previously there were no books on wild food plants in Indonesia. However, some books on wild food can be found in other countries. Wild food plants in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, have actually been documented in the book "Edible Medicinal and Non-Medicinal Plants" by T.K. Lim in 9 volumes. The book contains a list of useful plants that have not been much explored. In the process of compiling this book, the composer compiled a list of wild plants that were indicated to be consumed. From the list of wild plants, Agung Satriya Wibowo, an activist of wild food plants, chose and clarified the plants. From the initial selection, the composer selected again based on their availability in the environment around the composer's activities, in Yogyakarta.

Your entry’s specification

15cm x 22 cm, 106 pages