No. 48

Boiling Wave

By : Moe Sugawa

Entrant’s location : 日本



”BoilingWave”では,VRを用いて別世界に没入し,インタラクションが体験者をダンスに導く.”集合的沸騰”とは,祭や儀式の中で生じる人々の熱狂状態のこと.祈りや自然への畏怖を捧げる祭りのダンスには,言葉を超えた”喜び”で満たされていた.一方で,情報化社会では,身体そのものを能動的に動かして”喜び”を得る機会は少ない.集合的沸騰体験では,音楽のリズムと他者の行動に反応して身体が思わず動き,他者と共鳴し合う,野生的な身体を取り戻すことを目指した.太鼓のリズムと心臓蘇生の視覚・触覚提示によって,フロー状態を目指した.Kinectを用いてプレイヤーのモーションを記録し,モーションをアバターとして次プレイするプレイヤーの世界に出現させた.複数の参加者がプレイを繰り返すことで,一人用のVR作品であっても,参加者全員が一つの空間でダンス (=祭)を行い,その集団に溶け込んでいく経験が可能になった.

What did you create?

In “BoilingWave”, VR is used to immerse yourself into another world, and interaction leads the 'experienced' person to dance. First of all, the 'experienced' person puts his hand on his heart and feels the heartbeat with his actual hand. When you release your hand, the 'experiencer's' heart appears in the VR space. Then, the heartbeat in VR gradually stops. The 'experienced' person performs heart massage according to the drum rhythm and tactile sensation. All the movements of the 'experiencers' are recorded by Kinect, and a record of the previous 'experiencer's' movements appears in the gameplay of the current 'experiencer'. While recognizing the existence of an invisible other person who was actually invisible, we revived the heart together and entered the heart of the real world 'experiencer'.

Why did you make it?

“Collective boiling” is the state of enthusiasm that occurs during festivals and ceremonies. The festival dance, which prays and fears of nature, was filled with “joy” beyond words. On the other hand, in an information society, there are few opportunities to actively move the body itself to obtain "joy". In the collective boiling experience, we aimed to regain a wild body that responded to the rhythm of music and the actions of others and moved in unison and resonated with others.

How did you make it?

In production, we used Unity as the game engine. In order to express collective boiling, I thought it was important to synchronize rhythm and physical behavior. The rhythm of music was regarded as the heartbeat, and the heartbeat was presented using a tactile device. The device used was EXOS by Exii. EXOS presents a force-tactile sensation in three directions on the wrist. This was used to express the rhythm of music (= heartbeat) and the repulsion when performing heart massage. As a requirement for collective boiling, the experience of being in a group was important. Therefore, I needed to feel the existence of others who danced in the same way as myself. Therefore, Kinect was used to record the player's motion, and the motion was displayed as an avatar in the next player's world. As a result, multiple participants repeat play, and all the participants dance (= festival) in one space. Even VR can create that experience that one person can now be integrated into the group.

Your entry’s specification

Use HMD, Tracker, Kinect. 3m x 3m exhibition space.