No. 56

Penta KLabs

By : Kolektif Hysteria

Entrant’s location : Indonesia



Penta KLabs or “5K” is a meeting between you/we/us- class- campus- community/village- city. This Sites specific art project Biennale used a specific place to implement the program with special issues. The first year in 2016, the event was held in Kemijen, East Semarang, with a focus on the issue of village resilience. Hysteria conducts ethnographic research and uses this data to be responded by invited artists. The artists will live and undergo residency for several days or weeks and create work with the citizens at the site. Cooperating PWK (Prodi Perencanaan Wilayah Perkotaan = Urban Area Planning Study Program), we received paper with related issues that being raised and presented in the village. That template is what we developed in several other villages with different types of issues. Of course, not all of them are fulfilled but more or less the same approach. It can be seen in other project, for example Nginguk Githok (Rembang), as well as the Festival Bukit Jatiwayang (Semarang).

What did you create?

a public event that bridging multi stake holder. initiated since 2016 this event supposed to be art project biennale that located in sites spesicif area. this annual event held because our better understanding to deal with city issues and also the lack of art ecosystem in Semarang. its not only contemporary art exhibition but also stake halder that involve in city making using their ability (architecture, urban planner, etc). the first one held at Kemijen, a kampoong that located at coastal area that deal with flooding and tidal wave. we try ti capture how people becoming resilience to facing daily stressful situation cause flood. and the second one held at Nongkosawit, a kampoong that deal with water isssues. we tray to capture land using at Nongkosawit and the effect to water ecosystem. all this festival happen at Semarang, a capital city for central java, Indonesia. this event bring the artis and creator to deal with spesific issues, and not only do aexhibition or showcase we initiate public discussion that invite many stake holder to talk about spesific issues.

Why did you make it?

we believe art has capacity to shape nature and culture. as beuys statement in the social sculpture, we need to widening art public and impact in to society, after 12 years active at Semarang we realized that we need clear reason why we still doing art thing because not like Yogyakarta or Bandung, its very difficult to survive here. and after study about our context we decide to choose this approach to make cultural activity that relevan with city condition it self. we create our art biennale and it is very different than other biennale. we do support by our self sometime there's sponsorship but not much. so after 4 years we keep maintain this event and we do aware our capacity and city context. there're some biennale at Indonesia, but mainly organised by government. we choose site specific area base on our capacity and outreach but even in the narrow area we try to bring global issues to attract broader context and contribute by using special case. for example, we can talk water sea level dan climate change through festival that held at Kemijen that facing flooding daily etc.

How did you make it?

usually we do ethnogrphic research. we gather daily knowledge that reside at spesific area. after that we invite some artist to create art work base on our research and make adjusment with local situation. basically they create art work tha related with place and space. we also invite multistake holder to create another project like workhsop how using drone to mapping area and incresing their capacity to advocate their self, we mean villager. also we create simposium to make the issues get broader audience not only academics but also government. in case of Kemijen we succed to invite city mayor to accelerate building polder to solve the flood issues. in term at Nongkosawit case, we invite many academics to came to presenting how important to preserve trees to maintan water spring in high land.

Your entry’s specification

it's festival, the main event is art project exhibition and the material is depend on the artist sometime we using photograph, installation, video art, ready made ets. basically we do place making at spesific area