No. 62

Upper-Ground Stream

By : Delpi Suhariyanto

Entrant’s location : Indonesia



A wrok

What did you create?

I made a sewer with the sound of water, which would turn into plastic sound when an audience came. In the form of this work, it is taking the chaos of infrastructure in my country (Indonesia) about cables and waterways, as well as the game of lower-class advertising symbols with running text carried down with the cables that are usually above.

Why did you make it?

Society with technology has a relationship that is the reason for media art to have one characteristic, namely adaptive. In Indonesia the technology spreads very messy, not only in the middle to lower classes but also in the government's application to infrastructure, electricity and water for example. This work is not a matter of how media art can be a measure of technological progress, but how can media art be able to adapt to the technology that is around it?

How did you make it?

I made this with full concrete, cables connecting the speakers with Arduino, ultrasonic sensors, and DF player. When there is no arduino people will make a sound of water but when there is an ultrasonic sensor will respond to it and make a plastic sound. The P10 LED is connected to the P10 controller to bring up flowing visuals.

Your entry’s specification

Concrete, Cable, LED P10, & Electronics (Arduino, Ultrasonic Sensor)