No. 77

Basal's Verdict

By : Dimas Budiman

Entrant’s location : Indonesia

What did you create?

An acrylic box, that you can see two similar images from the stainless pipe from each side. A representation of the world and how we perceived every object the world present to us

Why did you make it?

In an era of endless flow of information and the ever-changing source of visualizations, we always found ourselves copying, sampling from another object, things, and or ideas in the world This work is a narrative as to the practices in society with a constant craves for creations. Because the products that we produce were never original and never will be, we will always mimic other things and the result is a manifestation of many objects we see, hear, smell, and or feel that we try to uncover the essence as we try to interpret them.

How did you make it?

These were made using used acrylic glass, MDF board, canvas, and stainless-steel pipe with the addition of wool strings. The acrylic glass and MDF board were laser cut to specific sizes so you can see through four different places, while the wool strings were sewed to the canvas that was cut to the size of the box beforehand, after that we glued them together

Your entry’s specification

Acrylic + MDF Board, 40 cm X 20 cm X 10 cm Weight : Approx. 400 grams