No. 92

After Melodies Precipitating


Entrant’s location : Taiwan




What did you create?

Music is one of the mediums of the art field that is often used to convey ideas, and the element of music is essential for creating innovative media. Of course, musical instruments are the most original and pure, and different players can express emotions and stories. Among them, the piano has a wide range of tones, the sound is loud, clear, rich and diverse, and its expression is especially great. In solo, you can play a variety of magnificent and broad lyrical music, as well as hilarious, dexterous and highly skilled cadenza sections. The piano is also called the “king of musical instruments” because of its rich musical expression. This work is shaped by the rich expression of the piano that allows various viewers to operate at a five-day public exhibition. When no one is operating, it is a proud presence, and an empty piano chair is waiting for someone to complete it. Each of the 12 piano sounds corresponds to 12 different water valves, and each time you press a key, the corresponding water valve opens, and when you release the key, 1 milliliter of water "bounces" back by the player. The concept of the entire work is conveyed by the natural evaporation of water drops on the cloth.

Why did you make it?

If everyone’s life is writing their own movements, today, tomorrow, and the future, who will have the melody as a sub-section of their own movement, and each different person’s melody in his life is good or not, etc. The melody will be an important part of life after time deposition.

How did you make it?

The use of water, the most primitive element of nature and the piano, the father of music, seems to be a completely incompatible medium. The modern technology of Arduino programming technology gives them full relevance and story. The MIDI signal received by the Processing software is transmitted to the Arduino via the Firmata channel, and then the program control water valve is programmed in the Arduino. When the water valve receives the MIDI signal generated when the key is pressed, the water valve is set to open; otherwise, when the key is released when no one is playing or playing, the water valve is closed. The keys Do to Si include a black key and a white total of twelve keys, and the twelve keys respectively correspond to twelve sets of water valves, so that twelve sets of water valves follow different tone switches, and the device structure is combined with the image of the clock, The respective water valves of the keys Do to Si are arranged counterclockwise. As the performance progressed, the 25-square-meter cloth on the ground inhaled water, gradually fading from the inside to the outside from the initial dry state, and the entire stage picture was formed to express the concept of melody deposition.

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