No. 94

AIScope opensource diagnosis of malaria using AI runing on a cellphone

By : Eduardo Peire

Entrant’s location : Spain



AIScope ( is an opensource smart microscope that diagnoses diseases such as Malaria and tuberculosis using machine learning running from a cellphone. it is completely automatic and does the visual inspection a microscopist would do. it is meant to use in areas where people have no access to health centers.

What did you create?

We created (hardware and software) an opensource microscope that diagnoses diseases such a malaria and tuberculosis (And many more in the future) without the need of a trained microscopist

Why did you make it?

we currently have the technology to do it, and nobody was willing to use it for something so useful yet so difficult/impossible to monetize

How did you make it?

I started it myself, but right now we are a team of more than 20 people and collaborate with health centers and universities world wide.

Your entry’s specification

AIScope is portable, weights less than a kg and the DIY manufacturing costs less than 100€, one of the main caracteristics is robustness, because it needs to be sent and be always operative in the most isolated areas of the world.