No. 111


By : SHIBATA Kazuhide

Entrant’s location : 日本



作品説明:ディスプレイと枠によるビデオインスタレーション。鏡のようにモニター上に表示される映像の中で、用意された1つの枠を動かすことで、通常使用しているカメラをつかったものとは異なる、撮影、鑑賞、編集の体験を生み出す。 コンセプト:ファインダーをのぞいて、目の前の景色から一部を切り取る撮影や、スマートフォンで自分自身を確認しながらとるセルフィーといった複数の撮影体験とそれらに紐づく編集方法の要素を混在させた第三視点的な映像体験。 制作年:2019年10月 仕様:ビデオインスタレーション メディア:枠、モニター、プロジェクター、カメラ

What did you create?

It is a Video installation has the display and a frame. I analyzed present established ways of film and photograph, for example using fainder or selfie, and picked up and mixed each elements from them to make new point of view of framing by cameras. Recently, people often can make a record of video, edit and watch almost unconsciously. This work show them strenge of movie scenes and make them notice “How are your style of photo” and “What is different watching through your eyes with watching through cameras and videos.” About expression of Video installations, Once, there was a fashion over 20 years ago. Artists show the thinking that video is a medium of work and make strange scenes in display with cameras by using techniques of video effects. However, present, there are more various styles of filming than that’s time, so I applied video installation as form of my work to let people think about present sense and act of seeing.

Why did you make it?

People cut out a part of the scene by using cameras since started to use films, and even now. First, people invented the way to use finders to take photograph, and next, develop monitors and use these for filming, and it also relate to the thinking of selfies. That’s way present, there are some kind of attitudes that called “Making photos or movies.” And these developments also have relation to technologies of editing. When people use only film cameras, they had to confirmed results after finished to film, so editing is far from filming, but now editing is really close to make movies because of smartphone applications. That’s like, each ways of making movies has difference ways of editing. I think there is a possibility of sense and act of seeing using cameras, if I analyze experiences of using cameras and combine and mix some elements of them.

How did you make it?

First, I tried an experiment to record short movie clips from real time scene and put these on same real time scene like layers and masking these like windows by using a software I made. I found the act of masking a part of movie similar with cameras because these also cut out the part from landscapes. I focused it and start to put on a frame in the scene of camera. Then, I quit to use software interfaces and applied physical interfaces so that I make similar experiences of my work to common acts like taking photos in smartphone. And after that I prepared the 2 set camera system of RGB camera with IR camera and I infixed IR LEDs into the frame to recognize motions of the frame. I applied woods for material of the frame to make the frame simple and be like for pictures not like the device. Finally, I add the behind screen of the display as the experience phase that make people think about act of seeing.

Your entry’s specification

The size of this work: Height: 2500m, Width: 6500mm, Depth: 6500mm. There is a wall, that’s width 1800mm, People walk around it. One side of wall has projection, and the other side has 55 inch display, and there is a camera unit under the display. In the area of display’s side, I put on a wood frame, width 600mm, height 475mm. This work cannot install outside to avoid IR noise of sunlight.