No. 117

between #4 Black Aura

By : 友也 石橋

Entrant’s location : 日本



黒い漆の持つ深みと美しさを指す「漆黒」という言葉からイメージされるように、漆の質感はどこか「非現実的」で不思議な印象を我々に与える。本プロジェクトでは、CGと現実という虚実のレイヤーを行き来しながら、古来より我々を魅了する漆の非現実的な美的質感の探求を行うとともに、個人向けソフトの普及が進む3Dモデリング・3DCG技術を導入して漆工芸の制作プロセスと造形性の拡張を試みた。 制作プロセス: 1. 3Dモデリングソフト上で漆のテクスチャーをシミュレート 2. 漆彫刻の仕上がりイメージを確認しながら3Dデータを造形 3. 2つのオブジェクトの衝突をシミュレーション。手業では困難な造形を導入 4. ソフト上で照明や背景を設定し、様々なアングルで3DCG画像を書き出し 5. 立体データを3Dプリンターで出力し、何層にも及ぶ漆塗りと研磨を施す 6. シミュレーション時の照明や背景をスタジオに再現し、漆彫刻を撮影 7. 同じアングルから撮影した漆彫刻の写真とCG画像を並置​

What did you create?

Personal fabrication technology such as 3D modeling, 3D simulation, and 3D printer was introduced into traditional lacquer crafts to create lacquer sculptures that could not be modeled by human hands. In addition, in order to approach the fundamental charm of lacquer, we created a series of photographic works that approach the charm of lacquer from both real and virtual sides by simulating the texture of lacquer on 3DCG.

Why did you make it?

Demand for traditional crafts in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture, has fallen due to changes in lifestyle and is suffering from lack of successors. I want to open up new possibilities by introducing personal fabrication technology into traditional lacquer crafts that were once popular in Takaoka City. At the same time, from the viewpoint of technology, to acheive to the fundamental charm of lacquer.

How did you make it?

First, in a collision experiment using 3DCG / 3D simulation technology, it was difficult to create a model that was difficult to do by hand. The generated 3D data is output by a 3D printer, and lacquering and polishing are performed by layers of lacquer craftsmen. The finished lacquer sculpture is photographed by imitating the composition and lighting of the 3DCG image. As a result, a pair of 3DCG and a live-action photo pair is created. In addition to the lacquer sculptures, the exhibitions featured 3DCGs ​​and two photographic works that were made up of live-action images.

Your entry’s specification

Installation (Urushi, acrylic, lambda print), W4m x D1.5m x H1.7m