No. 125

Chicken/Spinach - In vitro cellular agriculture.

By : karolinasulich

Entrant’s location : Poland

Why did you make it?

We wanted to address issues of climate change and possibilities to refrain from the mass production of meat. An alternative is cellular agriculture still a very new technology, which can enable creating meat in vitro without the need to kill animals. It is more ethical and better for the climate.

How did you make it?

We decellularised spinach leaves through the chemical process. We take a muscle cells sample from the chicken. We cultured the cells in vitro. Later on, we pumped the cells to the decellularized scaffold of the spinach leaf. We cultured cells on the leaf.

Your entry’s specification

The decellularised scaffold of spinach leaf with chicken muscle cells on a petri dish. Dimension of the petri dish (diameter): 15 cm. Weight: 0,1 kg.