No. 126


By : ElMalArt

Entrant’s location : United Kingdom



This interactive sculpture represents a city, whereby each abstract building lights up in a sequence to represent U.K. home office data. A light on, represents an asylum case accepted, a light off is a case rejected resulting in deportation. A city is nothing but what the people within it make it, but the modern city takes on a life of its own. Developments make towering high rise buildings which will stay vacant seem so out of reach for some. This piece challenges our idea of place, urbanism and belonging.

Why did you make it?

In the U.K. there is a growing rhetoric of anti migrant, anti foreign separatism which I wanted to address. Inspired by the book ‘invisible cities’ I wanted to challenge the boundaries of the city and the nation, to present U.K. home office data in a way which people can easily understand therefor dispelling the myths and sensentionalisation of the tabloid papers.

How did you make it?

The structure itself is made of spray painted acrylic blocks, which are fit with micro bits (mini computers) undernethe which triger lights on and off to illuminate the blocks.

Your entry’s specification

1metre by 1metre squared, lightweight