No. 141

La Chancla: Board Game

By : Maria Fernanda Garcia Vicera

Entrant’s location : Mexico



La Chancla is a board game inspired by Mexican culture. It's a running joke that an angry mexican mother always has slippers on and when she gets upset with her children she uses one of her slippers as a boomerang to playfully hit and scold her kids. It's not supposed to be aggressive, it's supposed to be humorous and endearing.

What did you create?

Family is a really big deal in Mexico, and having a strong bond with our siblings and parents is encouraged. We created this board game so families could get together and have a good time filled with laughter. We wanted to appeal to Mexican humor and tradition, the Chancla is something all Mexicans are familiar with and laugh about.

Why did you make it?

We made it to strengthen family bonds by encouraging spending time together while playing a humorous game that connects with our mexican roots and reminds us to laugh about our silly disagreements because in the end family is stronger than that.

How did you make it?

First we reasearched aspects of mexican culture we were interested in, after that we brainstormed ideas for the board game, we proceeded to come up with packaging ideas for the contents we would make. Then we developed a strategy and an instruction manual. We created paper dummies to make sure every measurement was perfect. We proceeded to create a 3D model for the mini slipper pieces that were complementary to the game board.

Your entry’s specification

The main box that carries the board game is a 46 cm x 32 cm with 7 cm height, it is made out of cardboard and paper, the play pieces are printed 3D and the pouch where you can put all the pieces and cards inside is made of fabric and ribbon.