No. 151

Heartfelt SPAM

By : katsuki

Entrant’s location : 日本



Email SPAM を、手書きで書き直した行為作品。

What did you create?

This work is letter which rewritten Email SPAM by handwritten.Email SPAM is act to deceive you to buy or pay.In this work,I wanted to deceive audience as conversion from online to offline.In first exhibition,20 various handwritten are wrote by myself.I just traced a mass of handwritten font.Handwritten sign,Face ID,fingertip,voice,name of Facebook,all id could be copied now.This work also imply about who is human, what is human ID,also connects identity.Visitor can buy spam letter,then I’ll post it to your address after exhibition.Visitor can trace spam text with your handwritten.Visitor can make new spam text and put it mail box, then I’ll post it othersI also exhibits handwritten letter what audience traced with their handwritten.They don’t put their name.Only various handwritten make it warm humanity spam.It will be more anonymous work gradually.This tracing is imitation of Syakyo(写経) which is an ancient Buddhist activity.We transcript sutras of word-by-word in order to reflect on ourselves, or to attain mental well-being by mindfully tracing the sacred scriptures.And then our heart will be anattā (Buddhist word, means no-self).Audience provides their handwritten to me to become anonymous like anattā.

Why did you make it?

This work is started from my old experience.When I was 14,I was always trolling blogs of people I did not consider as his friends. They were friend in only class room.But I hated them online.There was a disconnect between my real emotions towards them and manner offline. This anonymous communication with people is what has caused my some anxiety. It was start of my double life.From that experience,I started thinking about my identity.I think new contemporary art is how to make nothing,how I let people to make something without my trace.

How did you make it?

I traced many handwritten font with light box. I collected my mail folders, famous spam mails, sites that collected spam mails, spam collected from the audience at the exhibition. I put a notepaper on the trace table and traced various handwritten fonts.