No. 152


By : Jumpei Suzuki

Entrant’s location : 日本



未知の文房具を開発するというワークを通じて、「創造的なモノの見方・考え方」を学ぶワークショップです。 本ワークショップでは、文房具ではない日常品を文房具に「見立て」、パッケージングを行う行為を通じ、既存の考えに囚われない柔軟な思考を育てることを目的としています。 パッケージングの際は「真空成型器」を活用し、まるで本物の体裁をもった成果物をつくることで、言葉だけの認知ではない、より深いレベルでの「見立て」を促進しています。 

What did you create?

Through the work of developing a useless piece of stationery, we created a workshop where you can learn how to see and think about things in a creative way. It is suitable for a wide range of people, from elementary school students to adults, and lasts around 90 minutes at a time.

Why did you make it?

In this workshop, the act of “looking up” is positioned as an important learning element. “Looking up” seems to be easy to express, for example, “That cloud looks like a cream puff”, but in fact it is a very important force, regardless of whether you are a child or an adult. I think that it's a skill that is necessary to enrich the world. I created this workshop because I wanted to cultivate that important skill through the fun act of making.

How did you make it?

The workshop follows the following flow: (1) Perform basic play using everyday items and create various patterns (2) Select daily commodities that have a pattern you like from (1) (3) Make the paper with the product title written using the modeling play as in (1) (4) Enclose the daily necessities selected with the vacuum forming machine in a package (5) (3) and (4) in a transparent case Completion of plug-in (6) Presentation of each work by the participants

Your entry’s specification

A commercially available transparent case with a size of about 120mm * 100mm * 50mm is used, and daily goods packaged in a vacuum forming machine are housed in it. There are a wide range of daily necessities, and there are about 20 to 30 types of non-stationery items (like combs, toothpicks, keys, sponges, toothbrushes).