No. 169


By : 遼太郎 冬木

Entrant’s location : 日本




What did you create?

I set each car's horn to a musical scale, like a handbell, and created a place where programming began to play suddenly. The situation in which viewers share the experience itself is the work.

Why did you make it?

The situation in which the music is played is not a simple one-way structure in which the player throws it at the audience. This is because both sides share a common belief in "Music". There is a situation where we believe in the same thing before the sender asks the receiver.I thought I might be able to share my experiences in a musical setting with that premise and create a shared landscape that would benefit me in the event of a sad event in the future.A horn is used in a public place to assert its (of cars) existence. An individual insists on "To be here.". By giving a scale to the public action, it becomes a multiple collection. Each claim is integrated into the structure of music. To confirm mental images with others in response to sudden accidents. a dry run of feelings. I hope that seeing this piece together will support me when I see the sudden scenery that might happen.

How did you make it?

The horn sounds are sampled and output from the horn. The original horn was loaded in the car with a car battery because it would be illegal if it was modified. We synchronized 16 cars with the wifi system.The city also asked the citizens of Ibaraki for cooperation in providing vehicles.

Your entry’s specification

2019 / Car, Car horn, Computer / size available