No. 171

Enigmatic Dream

By : InaMariaEshito

Entrant’s location : Namibia



Description: A dream that is and yet not there. A fusion of ideas, worlds far apart yet so close, no one can tell yet grasp because what is there may not be yet not even dreamed off but there... that is the dream, your's or mine, what is the enigma?

What did you create?

This is a wall divider comprised of four Images in Black and White folded in a square so it creates a box. One of the frames is a door and when you enter, it is just white with print of one word on each frame. INVOKE YOUR TRUE POWER… It is a wooden frame and the panels are photographs printed on canvas The Photographs are a collection of Namibian inspired Kimonos that I personally designed, created and modeled in my friends back yard who is also the photographer Steffen List. A made a Jacket inspired by the Nama, the Aawambo people of Namibia and the Kimono. The project is about celebrating Humanity and it's diverse cultures and people. Human beings have become so self centered and have forgotten what it means to feel, the web between all elements in nature, all cultures on this planet, that all stem from the same source which is life... In the quest for our new identity, we have forgotten our true nature, the source of life, love and just being.... The clothing pieces inspired the photography which has become the story.

Why did you make it?

Today’s society is faced with many challenges on many levels from Climate to economic crises and the rise of poverty. But we have many other beautiful elements on this planet which is the human race and its ancient traditions. These traditions deserve to be revived and kept alive for the survival of humanity, to be able to connect once again to the source of creation while embracing the new human being. Enigmatic Dream was inspired by my passion for bringing cultures together and see what happens in terms of Identity and expression. The photographs are very African yet very Japanes as well, which tickles the mind in terms of the definition of Identity and the purpose of the going inside symbolizes the withdrawal from the outside to inside achieved mostly through meditation and I would like the visitor, to truly ask himself what his true power is… Who are we and what is our mission on this planet? The reason why I want it to be massive, is so it imposes on the space, the universe is a vast ocean of dreams and only we are the masters of that reality by Invoking our True Power.

How did you make it?

I created my textile by using the patchwork technique to create the Kimono. I used life vibrant color to invoke the joy of life the sun flowers, anything colorful put's a smile on any being's face. Inside, I used the tie and die technique and used an off pink which the Aawambo people of Namibia use on their traditional attires, jewelry and the Body. Together with Steffen List we did a photo shoot of the Kimono’s that I also modeled. We designed The Box and and still has to be build. There Frame would have to be assembled on site with guided instruction’s.

Your entry’s specification

Medium: Images 4x Printed Canvas Typography 1950mm 4x Printed Canvas Photography 1950mm Frame 8x wooden ring 1500mm x 500mm 8x Wooden frame 2000mm x 500mm Method of construction 12x hinges 100mm 60x Screw nails 150mm The Total package would be less the 40KG