No. 175


By : 大和 本多

Entrant’s location : 日本



穴にむかって言葉をふきこむと、声から形になった「言葉」がひとりでに歩きはじめ、空間を自由に動き回ります。 言葉に話し手の感情や人間性が表れる様子を、まるで言葉に意思が宿っているかのように感じたことをきっかけに制作したインタラクティブ作品です。家に帰ってから思い出したり、ほかの人に伝えたり、言葉は一人歩きをはじめ、ときに花のように優しく寄り添い、ときに獣のように牙をむき、ときに羽を生やしてたくさんの人のもとへ飛んでいきます。 そういった言葉についての想像や、言の葉、言の羽、言端、言魂といった言葉の語源に纏わる事柄をモチーフとして演出に取り入れ、ひとり立ちした「言葉」たちの一つの世界を形作っています。

What did you create?

An experiential installation in which “words” formed from voices begin to walk alone. When a person blows a word into the hole, the word blown from the hole on the projection video appears as a footed figure, starts walking in the forest square, and moves around with a will. Depending on the words of the experience, the language changes in various forms, such as color changes, flowers, wings and flying, tails and fangs. You can participate in interactive works by saying various words and enjoy watching your own words moving around.

Why did you make it?

It was created based on the feeling that the speaker's emotions and humanity appear in the words, and the words “walking alone” and “speech” as if the intent was felt in the words themselves. Many people start to walk alone, sometimes snuggle gently like a flower, sometimes snuggle like a beast, sometimes wings like a beast, sometimes grow wings I will fly to I imagined such words and incorporated things related to the origin of words such as word leaves, word wings, word ends, and word souls into the production, creating a world of independent “words”.

How did you make it?

An exhibition case with three holes and a projection video display. From the sound collecting microphones built into each hole, the words of the participants are converted into letters by voice recognition technology and produced on the video.

Your entry’s specification

Equipment: PC, USB microphone, projector (video output equipment) Exhibition space: W2000 x H2000 x D2500 to W4000 x H3000 x D4000