No. 183


By : shahardor

Entrant’s location : Israel



Suit.Case project is a site specific, ceremonial performance installation, inspired by ceremonies of ancient & tribal cultures; a roar of the re-born body from under the suits imposed on us by cultures - an immersion into 100 liters of paint in a quest for the nucleolus of our being - releasing the dance of the unsuited soul.

What did you create?

Suit.Case uses the art as a direct tool for healing, self-inquiry and social awareness, by publicly exposing the physical relationship between the eternal and temporary. in Hebrew (my native language) the word Suit.Case has two meanings. one is the suite cloth and the other is the act of passing through. these two meanings touch a core tension of human lives. The importance culture teaches us of who we should be, empowering the personality warship. The second meaning talks about the act of passing through, either of a body or of time; gives us a key and a clue about the temporariness of our physical existence and the eternal existent of the soul and spirit. in this range of tensions our lives exist, and we have the possibility to choose were we turn our look, energy and those our lives experiences. Suit.Case takes place in the borderline of our physical and spiritual consciousnesses and awareness; a ceremony that allows to take a physical meditative leap in to the powers governing our lives; acknowledge them, learn them and chose how we wish to play in this force field.

Why did you make it?

In 2012 I was going through difficult times, personally and professionally. I was torn apart by the loss of my life project, my art school - I was fighting demons. I could not understand or let go, I was full with pain, hatred and sorrow. I’m usually a creative and enthusiastic soul, as it was very challenging times, I had the belief that it is all happening for a reason and once I’ll see it, I’ll know what to do. Yet, the hard times was lasting too long. Then a though glimpsed through my clouded mind – I need an art ceremony to heal the distance carved between me and my spirit. It was a clear call, there were no more questions and I began to set the time and space to meet the art spirit, asking her to support me in the transformations I was going through. And it continues until these days, I did it for my own reasons, but the art spirit knows better. It is 2019 and the recent ceremony happened two month ago. In these years I’ve done the ceremony all around Europe, with intimate and epic audiences and it looks like there more to come.

How did you make it?

The production process involved few settings, it begun with exploring materials and their behavior. First with just fluids and then with actual plaint. Exploring different elements as the suite, other supporting materials and the colors and the effect and meaning each color leaves in the space. After some time, it was clear I need to use white simple color. As the aim was a real ceremony, I took out the usual image creating elements out of the act, but fortunately I did it in a potent space of that was full of personal and communal history, so the energy was there for me to ride on its waves. As Suit.Case is a site-specific performance installation in each space and event I design the event and the number of participants according to the relevancy. Each production process a little new creating all over again. From the size of the buckets holding the paint too the lights, stage, and the live sound art played live of sound sculptures deigned specially for this project.

Your entry’s specification

Suit.Case is a site specific performance installation. depends of the site the masseurs, scale and number of participating artists varies. the smallest size was 4/4 squire meters and 3 meters high, the largest in door installation took place in a 2000 squire meters hall with 14 M high, the largest outdoor event took place on an 10/10 squire meters stage with a 15M ancient wall behind it as a back drop used for the live video art as part of the piece.