No. 185

Objects and Cells 3

By : Caspar de Gelmini

Entrant’s location : Germany



In my work "Objects and Cells 3" I have dealt with grasses. The piece was created 2018-19 in the Botanical Garden in Berlin. After my Music Degrees, I started a doctoral thesis, which deals with generative grammar and syntax, connected with music. It has inspired me in particular to form syntactic connections and typologies of grasses. In a further step, I then alienated them with algorithms and filters. The result is complex, surrealistic structures. The violin is alienated by filters, but also by experimental playing techniques. I was particularly interested in how to create syntactical relationships between image and sound. The result is an audiovisual composition that is neither music nor film , most likely sound art

What did you create?

In my work I did a research about language and the concept of Syntax. After my artistic studies I started a PhD about generative Grammar and I tried to find out how language rules are working and transfer the concept to visual arts and sound art. I work mostly with self defined rules and algorithms that create a complex syntax.

Why did you make it?

I want to find out, if I can use scientific methods to create strange, mysterious and interesting artistic works, based on a syntax, that is very similar to a language syntax. I want to know how artists are thinking, and to think different, than the usual explanation of intuition. This is more for me cognitive psychology, informatics and lingisitics.

How did you make it?

It's a selection of different software like Open Music, Ableton Live, Sibelius, Adobe Premiere and a lot of different other programs from IRCAM.

Your entry’s specification

My work is possible to perform as a Video Installation, like a loop. Therefore you need simply a beamer, loudspeakers and a Computer. Another possibility would be to play the piece with a Live Musician (Violin), who is modified in real time, accompanied by Electronics and Video.