No. 189


By : 友也 石橋

Entrant’s location : 日本



2019 / Monitor, projector, printer, printing paper, concrete block, PC 現代の人々はスマートフォンを通して、日々大量のコトバをSNS上に投稿するようになりました。一人ひとりの投稿の集積はときに大きな渦を巻き起こし、「バズ」と呼ばれる現象を引き起こします。しかし昨日のバズは今日には忘れられ、顧みられることはそう多くはありません。 本作はTwitter 上で日々生み出される「トレンドワード」を素材に、AIが発想し詩を綴り続けるインスタレーションです。SNS 上で生まれては消えていくデジタルデータとしてのコトバを、AIという人間以外の知性が観察して、淡々と詩として紡ぎ出す光景を作り出します。 膨大な量のコトバを発信するようになったSNS時代の我々人類と、それらを統計的に処理する新しい知性。両者の衝突によって、我々を取り巻くメディアとコトバの現在を映し出します。 Now that everyone carries a smartphone and is constantly connected online, yesterday’s news and buzz are forgotten today. Anyone can transmit information through social networks, and the writing that is posted in such huge volumes day to day drops from the top of your feed to the bottom and is rarely looked back on. This work is an installation that composes AI-generated poems based on the theme of the trending words that are produced every day on Twitter. The AI observes as digital data the language that is generated on social networks and subsequently disappears, and reinterprets this as poetry. This is a new form of intelligence that statistically processes our words and us in the social media age, where tremendous quantities of words are transmitted. The collision between ourselves and this new form of intelligence projects the current state of the media and language that surround us.

What did you create?

This is an installation of AI that continues to generate poetry based on 'trending' words on SNS.

Why did you make it?

In today's SNS era, when flames and fake news become social topics, by converting KOTOBA on SNS, which is forgotten after it is posted in large quantities every day, into poetry through the perspective of others called AI To catabolize and relativize. So that we, as modern people, have a little caution and humility with the words we speak.

How did you make it?

Create AI with 200,000 sentences learned (vectorized) by deep learning. Trend words are read in real time, and frequently used words (co-occurrence words) are used together with each trend word. Co-occurrence words are arranged in a vector space holding a large number of words and sentences, and those words are combined to generate a short sentence without envy. A structure in which short sentences that contain AI-specific awkward words and logic gaps appear to humans as poems.

Your entry’s specification

Materials: Monitor, projector, printer, printing paper, concrete block, PCSize: W4m x H2m x D 2m