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Entrant’s location : 日本



世界各地で頻発する震災やテロ、そして突如奪われてしまう命の儚さを受けて、いくら記録しても失われてしまう時間や記憶、風景につ いて描き出す。「記憶」や「時間」をキーワードに創作を続けているNibrollが、さらに発展させて「今」を生きる学生達と目の前の風景を 残していくことを考えながら出演する学生達と言葉と映像、音楽、身体の動きが折り重なるようなダンスを創作した作品。

What did you create?

Our imagination may be the only thing keeping the lost time tethered. Therein lie enjoyment and sadness and reason and violence and reality and the opposite. There is a clear line that cannot be drawn by idealism.I think we feel compelled to record the scenery right before our eyes now. The ordinary, hum-drum days. The time passing there now.In the same way, I believe we must think about what disappears no matter how many times we record it. About the time we cannot reach no matter how much we strain to do so. About that distance. About the scenery.

Why did you make it?

I want to explore new possibilities for body and various collaborations

How did you make it?

Established in 1997, Nibroll is a dance company led by choreographer Mikuni Yanaihara. Nibroll produces performances created through collaborations with video artists, kEISUKE TAKAHASHI music SUKANK, and fine art practitioners: there is no single overall director. The characteristic of their performance is unconventional framework; output can be a dance show, concert, play, movie, or art exhibition, to explore the possibilities of visual and physical expression. Nibroll entrusts all the decision-making to the audience. Their ultimate aim is not simply to put on a performance, but to explore a new field by having active communication with various genres. Based in Tokyo, Nibroll is also active in Europe, USA and Asia and has garnered much attention since its funding.This work was made together with students from the Department of Performing Arts, Kidai University.

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