No. 194


By : 伊東 ケイスケ

Entrant’s location : 日本



HTC VIVEで体験するVR作品です。 体験者には、モノに宿る神様、九十九神(つくもかみ)に出会っていただきます。 神様は目で見ることができませんが、体験者は『不思議な鈴』を持つことで彼らを呼ぶことができるでしょう。 神様たちは、日本各所に伝わる郷土玩具がモチーフになっています。 郷土玩具は古くから、お守りや縁起物として身近に親しまれています。 それらを九十九神に見立て、タイトルを『九十九』としました。

What did you create?

[Experience flow] (1) Search for Kujuku gods based on the reaction of the bell. ② Touch the Kujuku God with the bell. ③ Ninety-nine gods will appear, and explanations about them will be displayed. * The room is divided into three rooms: “Between the hearth”, “Tatami” and “Second floor”. You can summon Bran and Shoji by standing in front. * Try to meet all the gods.

Why did you make it?

The local toys are somewhere blurred and adorable. It is full of unique charm. It is also a crystal of craftsmanship that has been passed down since ancient times. By experiencing this content, I would like you to feel the charm of Japanese craftsman culture, unique customs, and the country itself of “Japan”. I want many people to know of the existence of unique local toys in Japan. And I want to spread the appeal of Japanese culture overseas. I made it with that thought.

How did you make it?

① Convert and import local toys into 3D model by photogrammetry ② Add animation to 3D model created in ① with 3dsmax ③ Model Japanese room and accessories as stage in 3dsmax ④ Place ② in scene ③ on Unity ⑤Playmaker ( Create an interaction program using (UnityAsset) ⑥ Upload the created data to STILY

Your entry’s specification

・ HTC VIVE set ・ PC on which HTC VIVE operates