No. 209


By : Revetronique

Entrant’s location : 日本



【コンセプト】 「時」とは如何なるものか? あって当たり前のもの。けれども、本当の形は誰にもわからない。何故なら、はじめから形などない、ただの概念に過ぎないのだから。時間とは絶え間なく流れゆくもの。しかし、数字で表現される時刻は、瞬間を捉えるもの過ぎません。時間とはどこからどこまでで、間には何が隠れているのか。それは、私たちには永遠に解けない謎なのかもしれません。わたしたちが見る時間と、わたしたちには捉えきれない時間、「時」の連続性と離散性という二面性を、7 つのアクリル柱から成るデジタル数字と、液体に沈む数字が見えなくなる様子で表現した電気仕掛けの時計。時間が浮き彫りにする「時」の二面性と、その一部しかとらえられない人間の性に思いを馳せてみてください。

What did you create?

“X(r/n)os” (called “cross”) is an electric clock which expresses the bilateral characters, continuity and discreteness of the “time”.・ Digital numeral time using 7 acrylic pillars・ Ripples made of stones that vibrate every second are second hands・ Water (paraffin oil) in the tank is the entire flow of timeWe can see the “hour” but “time” itself is invisible.Here we demonstrate an electrical clock which expresses the bilateral nature of “time” by digital numbers consisting of acrylic pillars and sinking them into an aquarium.

Why did you make it?

The living things live in the flow of big “time”.Humans only recognize time as time by taking a moment in a continuous large flow of “time” as time and making discrete “time” as a clock.Especially in the Japanese culture, now that the way of thinking about time is changing.Facing the "time" on their own, we wanted to create a work "X(r/n)os" to think about what is the "time".

How did you make it?

We devised the method to comprise digital numbers by using 7 acrylics raising up or pulling down parts of numbers to display the hour is our solution to show the hour.The upper part of X (r / n) os is visible time = time, the lower aquarium part expressed invisible time by using the phenomenon that the acrylic column that had formed the time was submerged in paraffin oil with the same transmittance as the acrylic column.Control Units takes charge of watching the hour and manipulating acrylic poles to display it by driving motors. Central unit operates all other circuits to read and display the present time, plus can also adjust the hour and position of each acrylic pole. Finally, a motor and lighting that vibrates every second projected a ripple in the center of the work as a connection between time and time.

Your entry’s specification

Material : 28 Motors, Vibration motor, Arduino, Real time clock, Acrylic pole, Spot Light adjustment light angle quantitiy 3, Paraffin oil, Glass Aquarium ( W 60 x D30 x H15 23 cm), Table ( W85 x D42.5 x H80 cm)Dimensions : Height 0.35m x Width 0.7m x Height 0.8m (Excluding table height)