No. 215


By : Paola Rhon Peña

Entrant’s location : Mexico



CHAMANAZO (chah-mah-nah-zo) is a drinking card game designed for young adults. The concept was inspired by mexican shamans, who have been around in mexican culture since prehispanic times. Shamans are healers who help people connect with the spiritual world and attain a state of euphoria. It's through their rituals that they are able to take their subject into a state of pure bliss and detachment, which mimics the feeling of drunkeness. This branding was carefully designed to relate the state of drunkenness with shamanism. The tagline "ponte astral" or "go astral" in english, talks about the way shamans help their subjects attain an astral state by connecting them with spirits and the after life using ingredients with hallucinogenic properties. Players need to put together different rituals, with the purpose of attaining sacred drunkenness and become a real shaman.

What did you create?

We created a drinking card game for young adults inspired by the mexican culture. The main concept behind the game is mexican shamans, who have been around since prehispanic times. The project's main purpose is to have mexican culture appreciated by the youth. The background behind our concept is full of rich details and fascinating practices, and it's all expressed in a way that makes it easy to understand and enjoy.

Why did you make it?

People all over the world are intrigued by our culture, but reading about it isn't as fun and memorable as experiencing it. We created this game so people could get together and enjoy a night of laughter and cultural immersion.

How did you make it?

After doing our research and coming up with the name of the game we had to create the instruction manual. While doing so, we wrote down the elements we'd need to have in the box in order to play. We proceeded to design these elements (cards, glass, chips) and then finally the actual box. We printed our design on white laserjet ink on black paper which we then put through a laminator to adhere the holographic foil. We built the box out of cardboard and wrapped it with our black/holographic paper.

Your entry’s specification

The box measures 20cm wide, 21cm high and 10cm deep. The structure is made with american cardboard and wrapped with black paper. The box closes due to a magnet placed behind the black paper that attached to the other side.