No. 223

“Haute Couture x Long Life” glasses

By : ishuntarow .

Entrant’s location : 日本



I have built a commercial network of “Haute Couture x Long Life” glasses. It is mainstream of commercialization after 100 years. 100年後を見据えた「オートクチュール×ロングライフ」オプティカルの商品化ネットワークを構築

What did you create?

I have built a commercial network of “Haute Couture x Long Life” glasses. It is mainstream of commercialization after 100 years.<Product features>①I incorporates parts molding and assembly methods of the since 1905 Japanese eyeglass production process .Because, I think the realization of high-quality haute couture requires part of the Japanese eyeglass production process.②Polycarbonate is a material that can be dyed and can be dyed in the color desired by the purchaser.③Polycarbonate has excellent durability and is considered to be the strongest plastic material.

Why did you make it?

From 1822, “mass production” began. From that time on, people were able to live with mass production. However, I believe the time will come haute couture manufacturing will be mainstream. So I implemented the possibility of haute couture in the glasses industry.Haute couture is a special one made only for certain people. The goods must be assumed to be used for 10-20 years. Therefore, polycarbonate with excellent durability was used. Not only can this plastic be cut freely, it can also be dyed, but it is also possible to select preference a color of each person.I proposal a new system that uses the traditional from the glasses industry and new materials. Because we will having fun the haute couture in the future of 100 years from now.

How did you make it?

<Manufacturing cooperation area>Originally, the production of glasses was concentrated in Fukui Prefecture, but in this development, it was necessary to reconstruct the production system because polycarbonate was not normally used for eyeglass frames. Therefore, we requested manufacturing cooperation to the following areas.・ Cutting glasses front = Osaka・ Front polishing = Tokyo and Niigata Prefecture・ Production of nose pads and temples (arms for ears), lens cutting = Fukui Prefecture・ Overall assembly = ShizuokaWe were able to complete the work by requesting cooperation from all over Japan.Manufacturers has completed the production line.So they are not actively change it.However, it has been proven that recreating existing mechanisms can produce haute couture products without significant costs.

Your entry’s specification

Material: Polycarbonate, TitaniumDimensions: W150 * H40 * D30 (mm)Weight: 60 (g)