No. 228

Try Not To Think So Much

By : Ampudia

Entrant’s location : Madrid, Spain



Try Not To Think Too Much, continues with Eugenio Ampudia´s line of previous works by emphasizing the character of art as an effective means of communication. This time the artist plays with the paradox of breaking that flow through communicational noise. Applying the term "noise" to communication not only speaks of annoying sound but of any interference in this process. This work refers to the type of communication noise with which we live and that surrounds us, and which is transformed into a silent method of influence in our daily environment. The artist points to that communication in the art world that tends to be inbred and self-referential, while promulgating speeches that supposedly aim to bring culture closer to the viewer. The fact that the noise of the piece is made from the appropriation and superposition of theories and conferences related to the world of art, hardly intelligible, makes an ironic nod to the theoretical apparatus along with the codes that support the artistic system. The phrase is a compound amplifier, and each letter has a disturbing mission, which serves Ampudia to set up a choppy story that also talks about the subjectivity of speech and opens doors to thoughts such as the discourse of power or the power of Foucault's speech.

What did you create?

The piece is composed of letters. Each letter would be like a module of a modular synthesizer; VCOs, VCAs, Sequencers, Mixer, Filters, Sampler. The idea is that it was like a modular synthesizer but that each module is shaped like a letter. That implies that it is interactive, self-generating and modular. All the letters will be connected by interchangeable cables that will generate from all kinds of audios a sound file and will have multiple headphone outputs to be heard.

Why did you make it?

To explain how we communicate with ourselves, what is our thinking process today

How did you make it?

For this kind of works I work very closely with an engineer, from the designing of the piece, chosing the materials that works best, trying the device...

Your entry’s specification

Try Not To Think Too Much, 2018 Eugenio Ampudia Sound installation 20 letter-shaped integrated circuits, speaker, headphones, composite amplifier and other components 200 x 200 x 25 cm