No. 231

Re:Fabric β

By : atomiya_aad

Entrant’s location : 日本



What did you create?

We run a camping mat making business that uses waste (curing materials and firewood) as a raw material. When he got the curing material in the process of organizing, he thought not only the role of protecting the building material from impact but also the same role for humans. We cannot make shape only with curing material. Therefore, mats were formed with mesh knitting and ropes that have been passed down through Japanese history for a long time. The cocoon used for the shim rope is a material that burns when threshing is over. The mats were knitted together with such unnecessary items to increase the thickness of the mat, creating a camping mat with improved shock absorption and thermal insulation.

Why did you make it?

Chemical products produced by industrialized mass production. When they finish their purpose, some are recycled and some are burned which causes environmental problems. Propose reusable methods from a completely different perspective for consumables that only have a specific role. It's nothing but recycling that anyone can challenge at the private level, such as turning a can into a pen stand. However, by finding value and benefits for waste that is almost free, it is possible to renew the premise shared by the whole community, share eco-consciousness, and raise awareness to be a starting point for creativity. This is the biggest purpose of producing this product. The most recent issue is that when a disaster occurs, it cannot be accommodated in an evacuation center and is forced to live outdoors. “Re: Fabric” is a proposal of a camping mat as a survival tool to help rest in the event of a disaster as a means of reusing curative materials to protect pillars.

How did you make it?

First, cut the curing material to a width of about 2.5cm. A cushioning material, which is a piece of a cured material with a width of 2.5 cm and a length of 180 cm, is knitted with mesh knitting. Mesh knitting is used as a ceiling decoration. The reason for attaching this to the board is that the net knitting alone can be knitted from the outside. The rope used to stop the four sides is the shime rope. When you look at the shrimp ropes of shrines, you may have seen a sight of half-paper. In the same manner, the four sides of Ajiro were clamped and fixed on the lacing rope and created a mat.