No. 234

Moving Landscape

By : Ampudia

Entrant’s location : Madrid, Spain



In recent years there has been an obvious concern in my pieces for the landscape, with different objectives, such as Impression Soleil Levant, Clouds of Memory, Weeds, Sunset… In Mobile Landscape the landscape is the territory, stating that territory is the material space (physical and psychological) that a certain species needs to guarantee its survival. Of course, what worries me the most at the moment is the deterrification, which refers to the loss of territory, which condemns you to live in undifferentiated places, where any relationship with the history and memory of places is broken, where there is a Territorial amnesia that can mean strangeness and deculturalization, where the territory remains as a simple support that corresponds to the needs of society. These stones with wheels speak of reterritorialization, which is the tendency to recover and strengthen local territorial identities and values. To recover the link with history, customs and customs, regardless of where a person is. Historically, stones have been considered as landmarks, places that pointed to something forever. The important thing now is that these milestones move with us, instead of staying in a space, marking a territory. As Paul Virilio says the landscape drama has to be reinvented. The stones come from the surroundings of El Escorial –Madfrid, Spain-. The materialization with longboard axles and wheels talks about current and near practices and experiences that have to do with sustainable mobility. Beyond this the stones have not been modified. Always to carry out my pieces I think that the materials contribute concept and, in this case, I prefer that they are real stones to an interactive or a video.

What did you create?

I created an installation consisting of a group of boulders. These boulders are intervened as sculptures, with axles and longboard wheels. They can be moved, wherever they are installed. Making possible to easily move with your hand / feet an otherwise really heavy and almost still stone.

Why did you make it?

I am concerned about ideas related to the notion of territory nowadays.

How did you make it?

I always draw my idea first. Then I looked for really big and heavy stones on the surroundings of the cities of Madrid and Barcelona. Finally I transformed them into moving sculptures by attaching them to skateboards axles and wheels.

Your entry’s specification

MOVING LANDSCAPE, 2017 Moving installation / sculptures Boulders with axles and longboard wheels Different dimensions for each sculpture (28 x 87 x 33 cm, 50 x 40 x 40 cm., 35 x 60 x 33 cm...) Variable dimensions for the whole installation