No. 239

By : Yildiz Memisoglu

Entrant’s location : London


Description Hello YouFab, I'm the Former Editorial Designer at British Vogue and this unpublished 30 sec video diversifies us humans into a huge family of collective consciousness and reminds we are all light particles. Hope you will enjoy it. Let's keep in touch for further commission details.  Kindest regards Yildiz Memisoglu Govoni

What did you create?

30 sec Animated Video in H264 format for All Nations Around the World

Why did you make it?

We all forget our true self Light...

How did you make it?

I have published over 500 animations for MTV, Saatchi &Saatchi, British Vogue, Bobbi Brown and many more. Done with After Effects after 7 hours of not sleeping.

Your entry’s specification

1920 × 1080 H264