No. 242

street looper

By : Oren Ailam

Entrant’s location : israel



Street looper Street looper is a mobile playground made of metal and wood that use electronic sensors to controls Abelton live parameters. Sensor such as gyroscopes. Distance. Acceleration and heart beat rate connected to the software and allows strangers to generate music together without being a professional composer. The movements explain the idea behind “filters” and effect at let people to control them. All that in order to create a “conversation” in the public space without word, only sound. web sire

What did you create?

i had build a mobile playground from metal wood and electronics that let people in the public space control complicated music softwares

Why did you make it?

I was always afraid to do electronic music and i wasn't sure if im good or worthy so i wanted to build a huge toy that will be a good reason to do it. it came because its was my shield made of metal and wood so no one will be able to crack it with sarcasm

How did you make it?

I programed the arduino and the teensy controllers to generate direct MIDI to the software. metal pipes were bent in a factory according to solidworks model that i made heart rate sensor controls the BPM was made of laser cut acrylic with LED the stands that holds the objects were made of metal laser cut some wood parts were hand made by lathe.

Your entry’s specification

4 objects total weight, 250 KG height : 120 cm each metal pipes with construction stands: flat wood boards 120*120cm 120*120cm 120*200cm 120*300 cm all can reassemble and pack on a van All connected to a laptop with Abelton live and 2 large speakers Can holds 5 people at the same time