No. 255


By : alexbragareal

Entrant’s location : italy



A-MINT is the first and only adaptive Artificial Intelligence working in real-time for the artist and enabling any artist to explore infinite creativity. The artist plants his seed, the original melody, from which the reproductive environment of A-MINT creates endless new melodies in real time. From this original melody, A-MINT grows new cells and creates vital and organic music, made up of infinite layers of arrangements, while acting as a new living organism, regardless of pitch, bpm, dynamic, grids, patterns and stems. Electronic music becomes as free, as simple, as complex, as tangible and yet as infinite as you can possibly imagine, just as any other living being . An Hyperloop of creation multiplying notes, arrangements, layers, to plus infinity : this is the signature sound of EVOLUTIONAL MUSIC.

What did you create?

I have created A-MINT:the first and only adaptive Artificial Intelligence working in real-time for the audiovisual artist and enabling everyone to explore infinite creativity and create evolutional sound and evolutional images. A-MINT is also the first A.I. to enter Classical conservatories and I’m the first teacher of such instrument in Santa Cecilia, one of the oldest musical institutions in the world.

Why did you make it?

Because I wanted to create A new evolutive tool to expand the frontiers of art and to create a new kind of art : EVOLUTIONAL ART.

How did you make it?

I created AMINT leading a group of professors of University of RomaTre . Prof Francesco RIganti Fulginei and Prof Antonino Laudani.

Your entry’s specification

My work is a software. In order to perform with it I need a yamaha disklavier upright piano and a leadwall or screen with videoprojector.