No. 261


By : Show Kawabata

Entrant’s location : 日本



What did you create?

One year after “Noise; nse” was announced at YouFab2017, this work was created to further explore what is removed from people. The present age is still filled with concrete things. However, anything that gains a certain value, circulates in the market, and moves the economy will eventually be absorbed into the concept of “unnecessary”. We expressed the thing that unwanted things are naturalized to the beauty of nature by giving noise to paper, which is garbage. I think people are unnecessary. However, I think that unnecessary things are necessary.

Why did you make it?

There are many things around us that are removed from people. Noise, rust, bleeding, wrinkles, etc. By observing the operation status with various physical means, we obtain sensitive information inside, and when we give a presence to what is being removed from the human environment, we renew the boundary itself. I am trying to present the “how to be” that can be seen.

How did you make it?

In computer graphics, I noticed that by multiplying noise with noise, I approached natural patterns (clouds, wood grain, rust, etc.). This phenomenon cannot be achieved simply by multiplying noise. In this work, this is not the case when the paper is folded neatly like origami, and only occurs when the paper is crumpled as unnecessary. It is a phenomenon that occurs only when unnecessary things are multiplied by unnecessary things. As if it were meant to circulate unnecessary things into nature.

Your entry’s specification

Work materials: cloth (elastic mesh material), paper, lighting Dimensions: 39.5cm x 39.5cm (35 frames) Weight: 500g