No. 263

automated pain?

By : Souklaye Sylvain

Entrant’s location : Between Paris and Copenhagen



“automated pain?” is a quiet performance about the ability to experience and feel digital stimulus and real life pain via the screen as a sensitive filter. With “automated pain?”, Sylvain Souklaye distanced himself from the digital world and people for a week. For eight days, he avoided reading the news, didn’t go on social media. He didn’t talk to anyone. On day nine, he woke up at 6am, skipped his cup of coffee, opened his laptop, went to The Guardian and discovered the “Epstein affair”…

What did you create?

“automated pain?” explores how our daily digital interactions and the endless repetition of those are designed to contain, sustain and articulate our emotional and compartmental behaviours.“automated pain?” expresses “surveillance capitalism” not at the system level but more into the invisible soul destruction that occurred through the digital the process.

Why did you make it?

With “automated pain?” performer artist I wants to create a self contain installation experiment where people can experience first hand what “surveillance capitalism” rehab looks like.“automated pain?” questions the consequences of our masochistic and intimate relationship to smart devices, the digital news cycle and how it can rewrite our emotional mapping.

How did you make it?

I share “I wanted to know while re-discovering my connection to the world, if I was still able to feel, to think. Or if I was just an ensemble of automated emotions and automatic reactions.I think I could be automated when I’m locked into digital barbarity because I feel that my pain is a howl smothered click by click.”

Your entry’s specification

a laptop or a tablet or a smartphone or a smart tv or a video projector.The framing and objects should be aligned with the artwork purpose.