No. 266


By : dianaganea

Entrant’s location : England



BioBijoux is a project that embodies a unique collaboration between luxury, materialism, and utopia. A brighter future relies on all of us, including luxury brands, to adapt and be mindful of the life cycles of our material consumption. BioBijoux draws on biological materials grown out of fungus and bacteria. The project uses these visuals to speculate about how these materials are used in luxury production, enabling us to imagine a future where more sustainable versions of these products might exist and to question existing cultural attitudes and economic structures around consumption. Embark on a visual exploration of biodegradable materialism and luxury and discover how it became jewellery.

What did you create?

A 3-minute animation using scans of petri dishes and 3D software to envision future jewellery.

Why did you make it?

I created the animation as I am interested in alternative futures and want to foster and encourage discussion around using environmentally friendly materials - therefore I started exploring how bacteria and fungus could replace conventional materials in luxury production.

How did you make it?

I first started off with researching the topic, biodegradable jewellery. That inspired me to attend a 3-day seminar in London, around green energy which eventually had me looking into the different ways we could be less harmful when manufacturing. I started to experiment with petri dishes at home, trying to make my own biodegradable leather and then the outcomes of that lead me to visualise the results in a 3D program.

Your entry’s specification

a 3 minute mp4