No. 270

Dream no.6

By : Sholim_

Entrant’s location : Serbia



Dream no.6 is part of the ongoing project called "Dreams by Sholim"

What did you create?

Sholim (Milos Rajkovic born 1985, Belgrade) is a visual artist and animator who create video loops of several seconds in which human faces and landscapes transform in strange ways. His work is published on social media, and the fantastic world of his creations, which he describes as “digital surrealism” has received high acclaim.

Why did you make it?

I have a strong belief in the artistic potential of the social media platforms because creative content can be played on any mobile device in every moment around the world. It's always a beatiful moment when you inspired someone on the other part of planet

How did you make it?

I love to recycle old forgotten movie footages by using a modern programs like Adobe After Effects and somehow give them a new life by publishing them on social platform.

Your entry’s specification

500px x 500px animated GIF format