No. 280



Entrant’s location : 日本

What did you create?

We aimed for something like a "device" that feels and thinks about "gravity" in a philosophical, aesthetic, introspective, and abstract way. Materials: Plastic bottles picked up from garbage storage and the seaside (free) and resin purchased on the web (charged) Work structure: left side, disorderly composition, various blue colors, right side, regular composition, single color blue

Why did you make it?

In a world where chaotic values and inconsistencies and almost unconscious, I wanted to express in a visible way what every person on Earth feels equally and universally. The work aimed to be universal, but as a result it seems to have become very unique. Like Mondrian ...

How did you make it?

Resin was put into each plastic bottle, and it was tilted at various angles and hardened by “gravity”.

Your entry’s specification

2 pieces: 530 (W) X150 (D) X1030 (H) Wall-mounted material, plastic bottle, resin