No. 282

VR Museum

By : 金 康龍

Entrant’s location : 日本



The VR museum provides you with an opportunity to experience Yuki Nishimoto’s art using cutting-edge VR technology. Not only for the works, the museum also presents his passion behind the creations, using dynamic virtual spaces reflecting his unique view of the world. You will enjoy sharing the view, get inspiration, and find out more of the charms of his art.

What did you create?

We established the Yuki Nishimoto VR Museum in collaboration wi th YukiNishimoto.A self-taught ink-painting artist, he creates various art themed on“Dynamism” and “Powerfulness”, which are drawn with the boldness anddelicacy of his touch, using unconventional techniques. Japan is the main motif.Stillness and motion create new dimensions in our exhibitions, in which thedynamism of the works are well presented.You will enjoy the del icacy anddynamism of his art, transporting you to various places reflecting his view of theworld. With VR technology, you are able to pick up works with your hand,choose your favorite work, and learn more by listening to Nishimoto’s narrativetalk. Why not try an incredible experience at the VR museum?

Your entry’s specification

VR Ready PC.