Neurotransmitter 3000

Neurotransmitter 3000


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By DANIELDEBRUIN (Netherlands)

What did you create?

My conviction to stay personally involved in the process of creating objects has led me to create the “Neurotransmitter 3000”. This is a 7 meter high contraption which I am literally a part of. A machine that I have built myself, but its limits are unknown, even to me. The Neurotransmitter is being controlled by my own biometric data. By attaching sensors on my body, I can submit data to the machine. Heart rate, body temperature, orientation / gravity and muscle tension are measured and translated to variations in motion. In this way, the Neurotransmitter reacts to my body, and my body reacts to the machine.



Why did you make it?​

First of all, this is the follow up of my previous project the Analogue 3D printer ‘This new technology’. There, I wanted to reclaim ownership over my work. Now I want to be part of my work. By strapping myself in a self built contraption I become part of the machine. By using bio metrical data obtained from my body, we become one.
Second, I just really wanted my own thrill ride, who doesn’t!?

How did you make it?

I built and designed the entire thing myself, with some help of interns. I asked two good friend to develop the bio metrical feedback system. We used a variety of machines. Most of them are welding machines and C02 steel laser cutters. The entire process took about 4 months spread over a period of 2 years.

How is your work used?

For now, this is an experiment on the interaction between man and machine. I’m planning to develop it on a larger scale with public attractions as well. Having the experience of such a large machine connected to your body and responding to it is unique. It’s a special feeling where the machine is kind of taking care of you. It works by using the data to estimate the rider’s condition. For example, if I’m going too fast and I become disorientated and nauseous my heart rate rises. The machine responds t this rising heart rate by slowing down to prevent an unpleasant feeling.

Fab machines and software used

Laser cutter, Cutting machine, CNC milling machine, 3D Modeling and Design Software


  • Mitchell Joachim
    Co-founder, Terreform ONE
    Professor at NYU

    This piece is a massive effort of rigorous, intense high-quality art production. It is a perfectly well-made psycho art thrill machine. I'm impressed by the superior use of sensor input/ control and translation. In the end, it's just a tad bit too decadent and arty, as I wish it was more socially minded in purpose.