Fab Meetup Special YouFab 2016 Kick Off Party!

FabCafe Tokyo

Fab Meetup Summer Special! Last year winners giving a presentation and cross talk.

The YouFab Global Creative Awards are our global awards celebrating digital fabrication. Fab Meetup’s August event will be happening a special way—as the YouFab 2016 Kick Off Party!

The event will take place in two parts. The first part features Akinori Goto and Hiromasa Fukaji, who are the last year’s finalists. They’ll be giving presentations on their latest projects in the usual Fab Meetups style.

During the second half of the event, we’ll be holding a crosstalk between Creative Director Toshiya Fukuda, who also heads the awards committee, and prizewinners including Akinori and Hiromasa. Working with the theme of technology and creativity, they’ll be speaking about how the future will change with digital fabrication and how it’s been changing its boundary. Entry to this month’s special-edition Fab Meetup is free of charge.

We welcome everyone to take part, whether you are considering sending in an entry to YouFab or not!

About the event


8/5 20:00-22:00


Entrance Fee:

Free (Please buy 1 Drink)



1. Creator presentation
Akinori Goto and Hiromasa Fukaji

2.YouFab 2016 Special Talkshow
Toshiya Fukuda × Akinori Goto × Hiromasa Fukaji

3. Networking time

Who is it for?

If you want to do networking with Makers.
Are you an artist who incorporates/is thinking of incorporating digital fabrication into your works?
Are you interested in applying for YouFab Global Creative Awards 2016?

About Fab Meetup

Fab Meet up is a monthly event to share ideas and experience over a relaxing drink with the diverse crowd at FabCafe. At each event, 5 or 6 creators will make a short presentation related to the topic, “make” or “fab”. Everyone is welcome to join in the events!

Presenters and Talk Guests

Akinori Goto

Graduated from Visual Communication Design, Musashino Art University. First graduated student from BAPA. Mainly working on media art and now working in space display company for space design and interactive contents. He is working not specifying its way of making, thinking about how to surprise a people. One of the finalist from YouFab 2015.

YouFab Global Creative Award 2015 Finalist  winning work “toki-“

This is a media installation born from a combination of modern technologies. The time axes of movement are connected through three dimensions and given form through 3D printing. Through the application of light, the transitory movements of time are visualized. This installation will show in a new light that movement, to begin with, is realized through its relationship with time, and that time continues on incessantly, through the past, present and future.

YouFab Global Creative Award 2015 Finalist  winning work "toki-"

Hiromasa Fukaji

Born in Oasaka, 1990. Mater of Design,  Kyoto Institute of Technology.

His notable work, “Plotter Drawing” shows the possibility of creation of Art by machines. He continues his work in Osaka to research and propose  “What we can do in FAB tools”.


YouFab Global Creative Award 2015 Finalist  winning work  “Plotter Drawing”

There are incredible things that can only be expressed by hand, in other words, “writing on paper directly with a pencil.” With this in mind, “Plotter Drawing” was created as a new tool for expression, adding various digital control elements to sketching. The writing instrument moves mechanically, enabling Plotter Drawing to go beyond what the human hand can draw, and by mixing mediums, such as different inks and paper texture, your picture can attain more artistic depth. With techniques used by “Plotter Drawing”, the user is then able to use various sketching styles, and the picture can be recreated as if by hand.


Moderator Toshiya Fukuda (YouFab Global Creative Awards Chairman)

Creative Director / President&CEO
FabCafe LLP co-founder
Osaka Art University professor
Musashino Art University part-time professor

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