YouFab Global Creative Awards 2014

We are thrilled to announce the 21 winners of the YouFab Global Creative Awards 2014.
The winners were selected from 143 works from 27 countries.

The winning entries (excluding some submissions) will be displayed at FabCafe Tokyo
between October 24 (Friday) and November 3 (Monday).

You can see the judges’ comments here.

Grand Prize

Why Not Hand Over a “Shelter” to hermit crabs?
Why Not Hand Over a “Shelter” to hermit crabs?
Creator Name: AKI INOMATA

Hermit crabs change their shells as they grow. Sometimes they are kicked out of their shelters by stronger hermit crabs and forced to exchange shells.
I gave hermit crabs new shells that I had made for them with a 3D printer, and if they liked them, they moved into my “shelters”. The shelters that I made for them represent cities from around the world.

First Prize

AgIC print - Silver-based Inkjet Circuit Printing and Instant Prototyping
AgIC print - Silver-based Inkjet Circuit Printing and Instant Prototyping
Creator Name: AgIC Inc.

This project turns off-the-shelf home inkjet printers into print circuit boards with silver-based ink.


  • Traveling Knitting Machine
    Traveling Knitting Machine
    Creator Name: Saki Chikaraishi

    The Travelling Knitting Machine is a combination of a suitcase and a knitting machine, as well as an artistic activity when travelling with it in tow.

  • Rootless
    Creator Name: Rootless Team - Fablab Torino

    A bike frame made by making full use of various machines. It uses CNC to cut out the wood frame and some small metal parts, and laser cutters to cut out wood as well.

  • Wooden Furoshiki
    Wooden Furoshiki
    Creator Name: Evdoxia Xexaki and Yuko Ishizu

    ‘Wooden Furoshiki’ is intended to show wood materials in a new light and aims to create a foldable surface out of wood, which can be used in different three-dimensional shapes and function as furniture or an interior product.

    Creator Name: ITAY OHALY

    An art piece using a CNC milling machine. It replicates the color etching technique, which we used to play with as children, by painting wood with random colors, covering it all in black, and then carving designs with a CNC milling machine.

  • “A Machine’s Perception” door handles
    “A Machine’s Perception” door handles
    Creator Name: Peli Design

    A series of cutting edge door handles made by controlling both the possibilities and shortcomings of machines. The exploring of errors in a 3D scan led to the visualization of a scanner’s perception. With ‘A Machine’s Perception’ door handles, a flawed virtual reality became real and tangible.

  • Boat of sun
    Boat of sun
    Creator Name: Vladimir Andreev Semenovich

    A kinetic art piece made with a laser cutter. The gears that convey energy are 3D-printed.
    The idea was to visualize the harmony of native elements: sun, wind, waves. I wanted to show their unbreakable bond, as well as the energy conversion process.

  • Mechaneu v1 / 3D printed spherical gear system kinetic sculpture
    Mechaneu v1 / 3D printed spherical gear system kinetic sculpture
    Creator Name: Proxy Design Studio

    Mechaneu v1 is the first in a series of kinetic, 3D printed objects designed to explore the limits of 3D printing as an art form. Created in a oneshot fabrication process, Mechaneu v1 features an elaborate network of interlocking gears and support structures.

    Creator Name: CHRISTINA SICOLI

    Play together, learn together, grow together. The Asterisk puzzle stool is an interactive learning experience for children. From creation to utilization, the child is involved.

  • Galatea
    Creator Name: drawn

    Drawn was born as a result of our dream to locally produce custom-made furniture.
    Things have taken a great shape, and we’ve built our own large-scale 3D printer named Galatea. Galatea can produce a chair in an hour.

  • Droplet Lens Maker
    Droplet Lens Maker
    Creator Name: Rachel Watkins

    We have constructed an elegant lens making machine, the Droplet Lens Maker, with the use of 3D printers. Not only is our method elegant, it is both reliable and cost effective.

  • Kitchen 3D Printer
    Kitchen 3D Printer
    Creator Name: Moeka Watanabe

    The Kitchen 3D Printer is a 3D printer for the kitchen that can use various foods as the filament. The primary ingredient of the main filament for it is rice, which is the staple food of Japanese people.

  • Zero Gravity Cocktail Glass
    Zero Gravity Cocktail Glass
    Creator Name: Cosmic Lifestyle Corporation

    The Zero Gravity Cocktail Glass reinvents the way astronauts, cosmonauts, and future space settlers will drink off-Earth.

  • Screw It Vase
    Screw It Vase
    Creator Name: David Graas

    Making clever use of the universal PET bottle screw top, the 3D printed Screw It connector enables you to transform twelve ordinary PET bottles, that would otherwise go to waste, into a beautiful and functional vase that is meant to last.

    Creator Name: TAKT PROJECT

    3-PRING PRODUCT is a proposal for a new-generation style of D.I.Y. in the era of digital fabrication. Ready-made products sold in stores and original components made with 3D printers are combined to be used for something entirely different, or in a way that suits the person better.

  • Captured Desire
    Captured Desire
    Creator Name:

    Captured Desire is a project in which 123D Catch, an online service by Autodesk, is used to create 3D models, after which they are printed with full colour 3D printers. The more people are interested in the object, and the more people desire to see it, there will be more pictures online, which means the 3D model will be more accurate.

  • x.pose
    Creator Name: Xuedi Chen

    x.pose is a 3D printed wearable data-driven sculpture that changes opacity to expose a person’s skin as a real-time reflection of the data that the wearer is producing.

  • More than two dimensions, less than three dimensions
    More than two dimensions, less than three dimensions
    Creator Name: Makoto Sasao

    A series of six works where letters, which are two-dimensional in nature, are made three-dimensional.

  • simple laser sintering
    simple laser sintering
    Creator Name: Hitoshi Watanabe

    This project is a simplified 3D printer that enables selective laser sintering, which is one of the 3D printing methods, with a laser cutter. As an example, I used sugar as the filament and 3D-printed it in the shape of jewels.

  • kiami
    Creator Name: KOKI AKIYOSHI

    I took into account traditional Japanese techniques to propose a technique of creating free curving surfaces with wood that can be dismantled and constructed topically. I applied the traditional techniques developed in response to the characteristics and limitations of Japan to modern technology.


Joichi Ito

Joichi Ito

Both the Gold and the Silver winners of the YouFab Global Creative Awards are wonderful examples of science, art, design and engineering combined in an exquisite antidisciplinary way. The extremely natural integration of meaning, beauty and design are delightful and are examples of exactly the kind of thinking and making that we need today. We can apply this kind of design across all scales – from genetics to cities to space and both of the winners are perfect examples. Congratulations!

Hans Vermeulen

Hans Vermeulen

First of all a big thanks to all the participants and congratulations to all finalist and winners! This year YouFab Global Creative Awards shows how digital fabrication is used in all kinds of sectors and fields to make production accessible for everybody. Resulting in a big diversity within the 143 entries and 21 finalists. For example showing how to produce cheaper, in more sustainable ways, how to up-cycle resources and how to bring production closer to people. Because of this diversity the entries were not always that easy to compare. A lot of entries were focusing only on one field and advantage of digital fabrication. The level of design was not always that high. But all together the Award shows a lot of interesting ideas, which together sparked enough conversations within the jury about digital fabrication around the world.

Yukiko Shikata

Yukiko Shikata

Entries that push the boundaries of existing technology, innovative systems and products, and art that question the possibilities of society and technology (including Fab)… during the screening process, I encountered the myriad of approaches made possible with Fab.
Fab is like a test site for hacking and for creating media and tools. It also serves as a medium to raise questions about or critique society. In addition to this, I think that we are seeing the emergence of a new economic model where individuals and groups are now influencing corporations.

On a side note, although it missed out on a prize, I would like to mention the entry Captured Desire as a project that stood out as being both playful yet critical.

Shunji Yamanaka

Shunji Yamanaka

This year’s YouFab Global Creative Awards were really interesting. Through discussions about the new Fab movement, I was inspired to be more radical myself. The Grand Prix winning entry showcased new possibilities for the future whereby objects digitally fabricated by humans are made to fit perfectly with nature’s creations. Traditionally, people made things that were convenient or easy for them to make due to the limitations of processing or manufacturing practices, but thanks to digital fabrication, it looks like we can now delve into the world of nature as well. The winning entry itself is a profound project that makes us ponder about what it means for the world.

Seiichi Saito

Seiichi Saito

Art paves the way for culture and technology plants the blossoms. This describes this year’s YouFab Global Creative Awards to a tee. The moment when we go from focusing on the technology to using the technology as a tool is the moment when people unlock a new culture. I believe that we have been witness to such profound moments by judging the Award entries. I look forward to seeing what changes have taken place next year.