Digital Folk Instrument WorkShop

Tomohiro Inoue(Japan)

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By Tomohiro Inoue(Japan)

Digital Folk Instrument WorkShop

Traditional folk instruments, conventionally made by the musicians themselves, are now being mass produced and readily available for purchase by anyone who wants one. These days, the way they are made is a complete mystery to lay folk, and a clear line has been drawn in the sand between those who create them and those who play them. People are taking another look at the maker culture, which has been around for a while, and redesigning items as new contemporary tools.

Here we are proposing a brand new instrument (a digital folk instrument) that is created using a 3D printer and is an extension of existing folk instruments such as the Asalato and the Patika. This entry showcases artistic expression with a workshop event where participants learn to make digital folk instruments, learn to play them, and then they go on to learn to play them accompanying a DJ.
The entry consists mainly of video footage, so please click on the link provided to have a look.


The works uses an existing folk percussion instrument as a model so that anyone can easily create their own folk instrument using a regular household 3D printer.

The only digital fabrication tool you will need is a 3D printer. Use it to print the sides of the instrument that you used as a model, fill the instrument with small objects (pebbles or anything small is fine) and put it together and tie the string, and your digital folk instrument is finished!

How to make Digital Folk Instrument


Organizer & Maker
Tomohiro Inoue
Organizer & Promoter
Akira Fuku
Handpan & Didgeridoo
Tatsuki Agena


  • Hiroya Tanaka

    Hiroya Tanaka

    Hiroya Tanaka
    SFC associate professor/FabLab Japan Founder

    This work has significant meaning because it combines local elements from nations of people with the universal global existence of digital technology. I would like the creator to continue this as a project, because if the work becomes competitive in terms of expressive power as musical instruments or how interesting "music" is created as performances, this work can be spread into all the world.

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