Shape of Connection

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By SEKAI NO KOTOWARI - Nature of Nature -(Japan)

Shape of Connection

Everyone has connections. We live in these connections. How are you affected by your friends?Have you ever thought what kind of shapes it is? Using Facebook, we connect a lot of friends. We get likes and comments from friends. That means each one has each shape of connection.

We made a physical data visualization system. At first, you choose a candle which has each personality like you. The system make the cutting data for iModela from your Facebooks data. Finally you can see the cut candle and shape of connection. You are always polished - in some case it is shaved - by your friends. What do you think when you see your shape?


We use iModela on Mac. Usually it is controlled by windows. There is not software for Mac. Using iModela on mac, many people use the fabmodules made by MIT. But that can only use the two-dimensional data likes for making circuit. Fortunately we found the unofficial rml reference. So we make the rml-generator by Processing. We plan it will be open source. Second is about material. We need that candle is made fast. So we tried some materials. Then candle is the best. We made molds with acrylic using laser cutter.


Akiko Mano
API cording
Hajime Fukuda
Hiraku Doi
Convenient position
Takayuki Fukusawa
Hirokazu Oda


  • Quake Hsu

    Quake Hsu

    Quake Hsu
    Co-founder of Zeczec

    ‘Shape of Connection’ crystalize people’s social profile and status into personalized art pieces. The appearance of these colorful candles is somehow similar to Japanese confectionary, so it amusingly link different tastes with your personality and social life. Some of the candles look sweet; some of them look fruity; some of them look fresh; some of them look just complicated. Nowadays, there are many art works involving the visualization of digital data. The dual senses (visual and taste) from ‘Shape of Connection’ makes this work original and special.

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