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By Sound of TapBoard project(Japan)


Tap is both a dance and music that evolved along with tap shoes. Have you ever wondered, if tap shoes made a different sound, what sound would that be? We focused on this idea of 'sound' and hacked tap dancing.

This device is a tap board that produces an array of sounds when you tap dance on it. It can change the tap sounds to an array of sounds such as instrumental, digital, mechanical and animal sounds. The changing tap sounds bring with them a myriad of dance expressions. For instance, the sound of a fly becomes smooth and elegant when danced by a tap dancer, and when put to digital sounds it becomes quick and sharp. With this, we were able to extend the scope of tap dancers' expression.


We used the laser cutter to make the wooden tap board. We mainly used it to join the tap board and speaker.


Concept / Design
Neji Sato
Masaru Mizuochi, Ayaka Ikezawa, Minoru Nakano
Ippei Yonezawa


  • Seiichi Saito

    Seiichi Saito

    Seiichi Saito
    Rhizomatiks/ Creative&Technical Director

    This entry transforms tap dance into an instrument making tap dance which can often be difficult to understand that little bit easier to understand, as well as bringing tap one step closer to those who have not had much contact with the dance style, such as seniors or young children, to offer them the chance to experience it for themselves. I think this is a wonderful works in a multitude of ways as it not only offers a chance to watch tap, but also to have a try at it. This work was created in a Hackathon, so I was really surprised at the high quality of work that was produced in such a short period of time. I hope that the entrant will continue to find the potential and question objects that are already in our lives like he did by hacking tap dancing.

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